WHAT IS BEATROOTS.IO is the most artist and creator friendly music database that hosts royalty-free music for vlogs, podcasts, videos and other digital creations.

All the music hosted on is free for download and depending on the artist, is licensed either under CC0 or CC 4.0 licenses.


Because we are creators ourselves ( and we know what is it like to spend hours, browsing through Soundcloud or Youtube, looking for songs to download and then trying to find out whether we can use them without big black-dressed men knocking on our door. It works, it’s doable, but it takes too much time. And YT Audio Library doesn’t always have the freshest music…Hence the idea for was born!


We knot that there are so many amazingly talented artists, that have not yet ‘made it’ but they are working hard to get discovered. On the other side, there are vloggers, youtubers, podcasters and other creators that have the audience and are always looking for fresh, unique music for their content.

We believe that by connecting these parties together, it creates space for unlimited collaborations and synergies where everybody wins!

ABOUT 21 DAY HERO is run by the team behind 21 Day Hero – Dovile Sinke and Tauras Sinkus.

21 Day Hero is a personal development platform where YOU can build new positive habits and eliminate bad ones through going on various 21 day Challenges for your bodies and minds.


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